MBS or Marina Bay Sands is one of the most popular luxurious resorts in Singapore. The resort houses a number of elite guests throughout the year, offering them a wide range of entertainment options to keep them happy and engaged. The MBS Casino is one such widely popular facility at the resort where guests can try their luck and stand a chance to win loads of cash overnight! Let’s read more about the top features of MBS Casino Singapore that makes it a popular choice among guests and visitors alike.

What is MBS Singapore Famous For?

The elegantly designed casino at the resort is about 15,000 sq. m. and houses nearly 500 gaming tables, 1,600 slot machines, and over 30 private gaming rooms too. There’s a whole variety of table games on offer to suit different player tastes. All these table games can be played with Casino gaming chips which can be bought at the tables or at casino cage.

Players are given the choice to play over 20 games at the casino’s gaming tables which can be found on all four levels of the casino. There are over 350 tables to play at and every game is offered at different betting limits to cater to the various levels of players. Here’s a brief idea on the kind of games available at MBS Singapore.

Table Games at MBS Casino for Betting Singapore

  1. Baccarat
  2. No Commission Baccarat
  3. Power Baccarat 98
  4. 7 Up Baccarat
  5. BlackJack
  6. BlackJack Lucky 8
  7. Pontoon
  8. Pontoon Pandemonium
  9. Roulette
  10. Roulette Complete Bet
  11. Roulette with Racetrack
  12. Double Zero Roulette
  13. Megalink Three Card Poker
  14. Megalink Texas Hold’em Bonus Progressive
  15. Megalink Singapore Stud Poker
  16. Craps
  17. Sic Bo
  18. Fortune Pai Gow Poker
  19. Rapid No Commission Baccarat
  20. Rapid Sic Bo
  21. Rapid Roulette
  22. Fortune Six No Commission Baccarat
  23. Royal Three Pictures

Besides the games mentioned above, the casino also offers over 200 games at its High Limit, Ruby, and Paiza areas. Also, the machine slots have a number of jackpots on offer, which include linked Progressive Jackpots. They facilitate higher pay-outs on playing a particular game.

Play MBS Casino Online

The resort also allows its guests to play Singapore betting games online through websites such as 90Agency. You can register here and play live MBS casino, an experience you’d never forget. What’s more, the company provides a highly safe and secure live casino-playing environment to its users just by sitting at home or anywhere else.

The portal also delivers a world-class gaming experience making use of the best and latest technology for its users. Place your bets, try your luck, and if you get stuck somewhere, seek professional assistance from in-house casino experts hired for your service.


MBS Singapore is one of the best world-class resorts for a luxurious stay in the country. Come to its casino and enjoy an equally world-class live gaming experience, making tons of bucks all along!

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