E-sports has become quite popular among online audiences, thanks to tons of betting and gambling sites on the internet. Sports anyway have always been a favourite pastime in every country across the world since ages. People love to follow and practice their beloved game/match on the radio or TV, and now they can do so online too. But with online Malaysia betting sites coming to the fore, they can now watch, play, and even earn online.

Here we talk about the most popular sports followed on Malaysia bettingwebsites which promise great rewards, bonuses, earnings, and of course, lots of thrill and excitement too.

Top Sports for Online Betting in Malaysia

  1. Football –Soccer is the no. 1 sport followed by around 4 billion fans all over the world. It’s only natural that with its existence online, this number is only likely to be higher. Some of the best Malaysia bettingwebsites such as 90Agency provide the facility to online fans to bet on their favourite football matches as they happen.
  • Sepak Takraw – Kick Volleyball is one of the most popular Malaysian sport followed by millions of Malaysians and is also known by other names such as Sipà, Takraw, Kataw, and Chin Lone. The game was invented in Malaysia but today enjoys a large fan following in Canada, Japan, and the US.
  • RugbyAnotherof thepopular online sports enjoyed by Malaysians, lots of Malaysia bettingwebsites allow for wagering on the Super League, National Rugby League, and Rugby World Cups.
  • BadmintonA very old but still popular sport followed by a number of Malaysians online. You can place bets on your favourite matches and competitions and win a chance to make huge bucks while you’re at it.
  • E-sports tournaments –Since online sports are fast gaining popularity, lots of Malaysia bettingwebsites like to leverage the opportunity to attract more clicks and visits to their site by conducting e-sport tournaments. Online bettors are encouraged to wager on their favourite sport activities and earn lucrative awards and bonuses too.

How to Bet on Sports Online?

Placing wagers on betting sites in Malaysia is quite easy. You just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Sign up on an online bookmaker of your choice. Make sure it’s a trusted and reliable source.
  • Open an account for online payment. You may need to enter your account details and even verify your account, if required, to validate all your real cash transactions made during online betting.
  • Make a decent deposit – You would need to add some funds to your account before you can start betting online. You can do so via some safe online payment methods of your choice.
  • Start wagering. That’s it! You’re all set to place your bets and try your luck with your favourite sport game.

Make sure to always check for special bonuses like welcome bonus and other promotional offers on your bookmaker site before wagering. Go on and test your fate at popular Malaysia e-sports.

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